When doctors treat a patient, they have to use every available diagnostic tool to ensure they are giving the best medical care possible. One tool used for years is the x-ray, which uses radiation to provide an image of the dense tissue inside of the body such as bones and teeth. This is especially useful for chiropractors that practice the Gonstead method of chiropractic care so they can get a better idea of what is going on inside of their patients. X-rays are a blueprint of the spine.  You would not build a house without blueprints and a Gonstead Chiropractor will not adjust your spine without  a blueprint of you.

Here’s how these x-rays are used and why they are so vital.

How chiropractic x-rays are used

Chiropractors use x-rays to give them an idea of exactly how they should best treat their patients. One thing that can be shown is whether or not chiropractic treatment is even necessary. If there were issues such as growths on the vertebrae that could cause serious injury if a chiropractic adjustment were made, then it would be best to find another course of treatment. However, if the x-rays reveal that the vertebrae are misaligned then it can help guide the chiropractor in exactly what type of adjustment needs to be made.

What is looked for on an x-ray

There are several things that Gonstead chiropractors will look for when they examine an x-ray. First among these is for irregularities in the bones of the spine. For instance, they will ascertain if there are any fractures, bone spurs, or cancerous spots that could be exacerbated if a chiropractic adjustment is made. They will also check the spacing and density of the bones to see if the patient has scoliosis or some other spinal disorder. These x-rays can also indicate other telltale signs that may point to problems not directly shown by x-rays such as torn tendons and muscles.

Benefits of a chiropractic x-ray

There are many different benefits from using x-rays to guide chiropractic care. For instance, the x-rays can provide a different picture of the human body as it works than the more traditional x-rays. When a hospital does an x-ray, they have the patient lie down. Chiropractors have the patient stand for x-rays so that they can see how the weight of the body affects the movement and displacement of the bones. These x-rays also give the chiropractor specific data that they can use to guide treatment, such as the exact location of vertebrae displacement or the spots of spinal curvature. It also allows the doctor to keep track of the patient’s physical progress and to track the degeneration of bones and joints over time, especially with a debilitating condition such as rheumatoid arthritis. Finally, the x-rays can provide a patient with a tangible example of what is wrong in their body so that they can better understand the inner workings of their own anatomy and how these lead to problems in the body.

Many chiropractors try to do large-scale adjustments while Gonstead chiropractors want to specifically target one isolated area for treatment. That is why it is so important for those doctors to use x-rays to help them discern what areas need to be treated.

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