Stress & anxiety

Chiropractic Treatment for pain caused by stress and anxiety in Wheat Ridge, CO

We all experience stress and anxiety to some degree. Living in a world that is fast-paced and full of constant external stimulation can increase the chances of feeling overly stressed. Stress can have physical and emotional effects on a person

Chiropractic Benefits

Getting your spine in alignment can have a positive impact on reducing levels of stress and anxiety. Getting chiropractic adjustments is an all-natural way to positively impact brain and nervous system function without the use of drugs. By removing subluxations, the nervous system is able to communicate effectively and send proper signals to and from the brain.

In conjunction with getting adjustments, your chiropractor can give you helpful, supplemental tools to use throughout daily life to combat stress and anxiety. Practicing breathing deeply from the diaphragm, rather than shallowly in the chest, is one way to avoid causing unnecessary tension in the shoulders which can help reduce the physical feeling of stress.

Stress can affect your:

heart rate
insulin resistance
blood glucose levels
short term memory
general mood
And More!

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