This week we were out and about educating a company for our community outreach.  We happened to meet a lady who said the most shocking but truthful statement.  “Sitting has become the new smoking”.  We thought it might be fun to really discuss how and why sitting is such a bigger problem now a days.

Most people in corporate America sit on average, at least, 8 hours per day.  That is one third of our day that we spend sitting.  Does it really have that great of an affect you say?  Studies are now showing that those people that sit more than 8 hours a day actually had a 15 percent greater risk of dying within three years than those who sat for fewer than four hours a day, found a March study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.  When we sit, it also puts 3x more pressure on our spine and discs, which could cause major nerve problems causing other health conditions.

If the body was designed to move, why don’t we? Perhaps more jobs require sitting at a desk and staring into a computer screen or that is just how we are evolving.  Either way, it’s not healthy.

Why should we sit less?
•    Lowers our chance of cardiovascular disease
•    Increase in energy
•    Improves posture
•    Increase blood flow
•    Ramps up Metabolism
•    Less chance of…
•    Obesity
•    High Blood Pressure
•    Diabetes
•    Cancer
•    Depression

Need ideas for sitting less during the day?
•    Don’t take the elevator, enjoy the stairs
•    Every 15min stand up & every hour take a 10 min walk
•    Hard time remembering to move?  Set an alarm to remind you
•    Turn off the tv or workout like doing squats during your show
•    Get a standing desk
•    Stand up or walk around when you are on the phone
•    Go for an after dinner walk
•    Workout during lunch

A great way to keep your spine and nervous system in check after all that sitting, be sure to contact Gonstead Family Chiropractic to get adjusted regularly.
Just keep in mind that it all adds up so be aware of how long you sit and get up and move, move, move!