Show Yourself Some Love: Self-Care Tips to Help Keep Your Back and Your Entire Body Moving Well!

A lot of people struggle with learning to take care of themselves. We’re often taught that it’s important to put the needs of others first. But the reality is that if we don’t take care of ourselves, we won’t have the capacity to care for others when the time comes.

One part of self-care that tends to get neglected is back and spinal health. People tend to be on the go constantly and forget to take care of their spines. This can lead to all kinds of injuries! Not only that but keeping your back healthy will affect the way your entire body moves.

Here are some tips to keep your back (and ultimately your entire body) moving well.

Modified Exercise

One of the best things for your overall health is to stay active. If you sit for prolonged periods (like at a desk) or stand in one spot (like at a cash register), then your posture will suffer. This will ultimately lead to back problems that will cause you to stiffen. You don’t have to do a lot of aerobic exercises to keep your back in good shape, but you do need to do some basic stretching exercises to keep mobile.


One type of exercise that can really help your spinal health is walking every day. Just walking ten minutes can activate the nerves in your legs. This will help the nerves in your back override the pain you might be feeling.

Weight Loss

Weight loss is another way to make your back feel better. If you are carrying extra weight, particularly around your mid-section, you will cause extra strain on your lower back and spine. Weight loss will not only improve your overall health but your spinal health too.


If massage therapy isn’t part of your regular healthcare routine, why not treat yourself? A professional massage can help you relax your back, which will ease back pain. Be sure to find a professional massage therapist that has experience working with back pain patients. You may also want to look at different types of massage therapy such as hot stone massage.

Heat and Ice

If your back muscles are swollen due to extreme activity, then you should put an icepack on your back. But if you are having constant, nagging pain over time, then a heating pad may be a better option.

Roughly 80% of Americans experience some degree of back pain. A lot of the chronic pain people experience can be traced back to misalignment in the back and spine. By taking some simple steps to keep your back properly aligned, you can prevent pain and lack of mobility.

- Gonstead Family Chiropractic
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