For many people, headaches are a part of their daily lives—in fact, 90% of Americans suffer from headaches at some point in their lives. For many, headaches are a regular occurrence and can be quite debilitating, leading them to have a poorer quality of life. The good news is, chiropractic care, specifically, the Gonstead method can go a long way towards alleviating these headaches so that sufferers can lead full and happy lives.

The Gonstead Method
The Gonstead style of chiropractic therapy uses x-ray analysis of the spine and surrounding tissues to make decisions about treatment based on the subluxations (altered positions of the vertebrae) that are found. They can then find the best path of treatment to take towards treating the headaches based on their specific cause.

Types of Headaches
As anyone who has had a headache can attest, there are many different types of headaches. The most common include:

Perhaps the most debilitating type of headache, the migraine usually hits the sufferer in the temples and may only be isolated to one side. Often times, it may feel like pressure against the temple can help, but this may be temporary. If left unchecked, a migraine headache can lead to nausea and can be forewarned by visual cues such as auras and spots. Most people will retreat to a dark room until the headache passes. But what you may not realize is that the migraine is often caused by a thyroid gland or adrenal glands that are not working properly. They can also be caused by hormone imbalances. Each of these can be treated with adjustments to specific subluxations depending on the root cause of the headache.

Usually, this pain centers around the temples, the cheeks, and the nose. It will also start out in the morning and progressively get worse as the day goes on (often even if the person takes pain medication for the problem). A Gonstead chiropractor can determine if this is the cause of the problem by looking at x-rays and can make adjustments that can both ease the headaches and help the sinuses drain faster, alleviating the root cause of the problem.

Blood Pressure Headaches
These very dangerous headaches get worse as the sufferer’s blood pressure rises, often something that happens because the pain only feeds into the problem. Some of the more severe types can even cause nose-bleeds as the body tries to relieve the pressure. By checking for specific subluxations, the chiropractor can find the area that is causing this problem and make the necessary adjustments.

Frontal Headaches
Another common type of headache is a frontal headache. This is often associated with tension as it begins at the base of the neck, rises up over the skull, before finally settling in the forehead over both eyes. Because the pain begins at the base of the neck, this is usually where the doctor will make an adjustment in order to fix this problem.

Headaches can truly be a pain, but they do not have to be so debilitating that they take over your life. By having the proper adjustments made by a trained Gonstead chiropractor, you can ensure that you will enjoy your days as pain-free as possible.

- Gonstead Family Chiropractic
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