Most of us have just finished our turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving, family has returned from vacation, school is back in session, and we are back at work and on our normal routines. We can only take a quick sigh of relief before we get wrapped up in the Holidays once again.Now that it’s officially December, it is “Go-time” for majority of Americans. It starts as early as the wonderful Black Friday, the holiday shopper’s must do and so the stress begins for the season. The list of what needs to be decorated, bought and baked seems to be on going. The hustle and bustle of the Holiday season tends to turn from the “Most wonderful time of the year” to the “Most stressful time of the year”. The one thing that is not on anyone’s list is getting sick, yet most people find it pops up at an inconvenient time, in the midst of holiday shopping, holiday parties and end of the year work deadlines.

How do we cope?   How can we manage our stress so that we can keep this as the “Most wonderful time of the year”? That’s a great question.One thing we can do is stick to our routines. Instead of adding holiday party on top of holiday party, take some time for ourselves and for our own family. Stick to what we normally do any other day, such as getting in that important workout or eating the healthy salads and entrees we normally do. Seem like there isn’t enough time for everything? Try a workout or take a quick walk around the mall while shopping. Any exercise is better than nothing.What about all those sweets and fatty foods that are at an arm’s reach or how we stress about putting on that holiday weight? According to the National Institutes of Health, holiday eating can result in an extra pound or two every holiday season. That definitely adds up over the years! Informed preparation and following a few simple strategies can keep that unwanted holiday weight at bay. One quick and easy idea is to hydrate with lemon water throughout the day: among other things, it flushes out toxins, it helps digestion and can actually aid in weight loss.

Feel like your immune system can’t keep up with the holidays? Make sure to get adjusted just as you normally would any other time of the year. Stay tune for our upcoming blog post on how getting a chiropractic adjustment can boost our immune systems so that we are able to fight off that “Holiday Flu”.

So while we might be adding more and more to our list of what we need to do for this holiday season, keep the tips above in mind and it will help keep the sickness at bay. What to learn more of how to keep healthy during the holidays? Come to our holiday event for all of our Gonstead Family Chiropractic patients and guests, so that you can truly have a Happy Holiday with all those whom you love.