Disc Problems

Common Causes

The discs in your spine act as cushions, or shock absorbers, between each of your vertebrae. They help hold the spine together and allow for spinal mobility. Keeping your discs healthy is vital to your overall health! If your spine lacks motion and is “stiff”, it is more difficult for your body to feed nutrients to the disc space.

Some patients experience disc problems that can originate from a disc putting pressure on a nerve or the disc could be injured or inflamed. In some cases, the disc space may be degenerating enough that the vertebrae start to touch and fuse together. Experiencing a disc problem like this can be very painful and negatively impact day to day life. This can happen throughout any area of the spine; neck, upper/mid back, or low back.

Pressure on a nerve
Disc Injury
Inflammation of disc
Disc Degeneration

Treatable, Preventable, and Even Reversible

The good news is that with regular chiropractic adjustments, you can prevent, and even reverse disc degeneration and keep your vertebrae from ever fusing in the first place! When a chiropractor performs an adjustment to the spine, they are removing subluxations, creating increased mobility in each joint, which allows for the disc to receive vital nutrients and remain plump and healthy!

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