When you’re pregnant, it’s important to consider how the things you do also impact your child. From the food you eat to the medicines you take, knowing what’s safe for you and baby is an important part of ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

So when it comes to chiropractic care, you probably have questions. Is it safe during pregnancy? Is it even recommended? Here’s what you need to know about chiropractors and pregnancy.

Chiropractors are trained for pregnancy

As part of their medical training, chiropractors are trained in the proper way to work with and treat pregnant women. Many chiropractors routinely treat women who are either pregnant or in the process of trying to become pregnant. In fact, some chiropractors actually specialize in this particular field and have taken extra steps to receive additional training.

Gonstead Chiropractors use their specialized training to help make a woman’s pregnancy smoother and safer. The Gonstead method is so much more involved and comprehensive that it’s one of the best approaches to chiropractic care for an expectant mother!

Visiting a Chiropractor Can Help During Pregnancy

There are many physical changes that come with pregnancy—the swelling, the bloating, the nausea. But many don’t realize that those can have an impact on your spinal and joint alignment.

The swelling of the stomach can increase the curvature of the back. Many pregnant women adjust their posture as they stand, walk or even sit and this can cause misalignment. This misalignment can continue well after pregnancy if not properly cared for.

Chiropractors can also help treat pelvic misalignment, another common condition with pregnancy. This misalignment can make the pelvic region smaller, leaving less room for the growing baby. In the end, it can make for a more difficult childbirth.

Ultimately, chiropractic care during pregnancy can help you feel better, keep you healthy, and even help you avoid pregnancy complications. Getting adjusted can control the symptoms of nausea associated with morning sickness and relieve the swelling in the joints, back, and neck. By improving the alignment of the pelvic region, it can make labor easier by reducing the length of the delivery. It has even been shown to reduce the potential for C-section births.

Visiting a chiropractor during pregnancy can help you throughout the pregnancy, during delivery, and even post-baby. Regular treatments will help alleviate pain and promote a healthier pregnancy. Seeking out chiropractic care from a specially trained chiropractor can help make your pregnancy a more comfortable, relaxed experience.

- Gonstead Family Chiropractic
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