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Chiropractic Treatment for chest and shoulder Pain in Wheat Ridge, CO

Chest Pain Treatment & Causes

It is common to carry stress in the shoulders and having spinal misalignments can increase the amount of tension in the shoulders and chest. If you are experiencing chest pain, and have had an evaluation by a medical doctor to rule out an emergency, visiting a chiropractor is a good second step to treating chest pain. Many patients suffer from chest pain as a result of a mid-back misalignment or a rib that has moved out of alignment, causing feelings of pressure or spasms to occur. In some instances, patients have experienced sudden, intense, sharp chest pain and mistaken the experience for a heart attack, or another heart problem. Upon examination and x-ray from a chiropractor, it may be determined that the sensations were caused by a rib misalignment.

Shoulder Pain Treatment & Causes

Another reason people seek out chiropractic care is to treat shoulder pain. Pain in one, or both, shoulders can be caused by a variety of factors. Poor posture is one of the most common reasons for shoulder pain. Slouching while sitting or standing can increase muscle tension in the shoulder and cause discomfort. Shoulder pain may also be the result of an injury sustained while exercising and lifting weights or doing push/pull-ups. Always sleeping on one side without proper support can also cause shoulder pain.

Common Causes:

mid-back misalignment
poor posture
muscle tension
previous injury
sleeping on one side
And More!

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