Gonstead Family Chiropractic works with many families to create better health and wellness for all ages. Remember the entire body is controlled by the brain and nervous system. This includes the heart, lungs, digestive organs, immune system and literally all the other cells and tissues of the body. If any of the vital nerve impulses are cut off between the brain and body, you get a state of dis-ease or dys-function meaning the body is not functioning optimally. Can infants, children, and teenagers, benefit from Chiropractic Care? Of course, infants, children, and teenagers have nervous systems the same as adults. They are susceptible to the same stresses and traumas that we are. Many people think, since they are very flexible and don’t have old injuries that have healed wrong, it seems those falls and stresses don’t affect them. The fact is children sustain injuries just as adults and need wellness care like the rest of us.

Chiropractic care is a great foundation for growing bodies. This is because we remove the interference in the nerve impulse between the brain and body and enable the entire body to work and grow better. We help with a wide variety of conditions many family members might suffer from now. Check out a full list here.

We recommend that the whole family receive Chiropractic care, not only when they have symptoms, but on a regular basis to prevent problems and stay healthy. Wouldn’t you want the best for your family?