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Welcome to Gonstead Family Chiropractic!

Gonstead Family Chiropractic is resource to the Wheat Ridge and Greater Denver area for  natural, holistic health care centered around chiropractic.  We take it a step further and specialize in the most comprehensive chiropractic specialty within the industry:  the Gonstead Method.  This specialized method offers amazing results for patients of all ages and with many different issues and situations.

Our goal is to help you get back to life and back to a state of wellness.  We believe in promoting wellness through injury prevention, health maintenance and patient education.  That's why we incorporate chiropractic massage, cold laser therapy, high intensity vibration, and other treatments into every wellness plan.  We look forward to serving you and helping you get back to living life on YOUR terms!


Get to know us!

We are proud of our experienced team of doctors and staff.

How We Help

Your body is made up of many systems, which is why we approach our wellness plans from a comprehensive perspective.

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Ready to do something about the pain in your life?  Know you can be doing more to improve your health?


Why we are Unique

Integrity first: We care about you and your individual health.

Your health is unique to you.

X-ray based adjustment is more precise and targeted to the area that needs it.

“Do no harm” adjustment is specific and does not overly rotate your spine.

We view the spine as a whole system, rather than work “where the pain lives”

We care: we are a family practice and we love our patients.